My Thought Downloads

Hi Brooke,
I have what may be a more advanced (or maybe the opposite) question about Thought Downloads.

I’ve noticed I have thoughts that don’t serve me, and I see them. They are trying to keep me small, I am watching them, and working on not believing them. Should they go in my thought download too? I feel like once I’ve looked at them and seen that they’re just coming at me trying to desperately keep me in the cave / are not something I want to believe, I don’t want to give them any more attention. Should I keep including them in my TDL?

Here’s my answer in advance (I know you ask this of your coaches!): Yes, because we don’t ever have to be afraid of looking at any thought and we don’t want to ignore or judge any thought, in case we miss what effect it’s creating. But, if you know you’ve worked that thought and seen what it creates through a model, even if you keep having it, you don’t have to keep adding it into your TDL.