New goal, same discomfort

You mentioned this on a recent call, but I’m on my second major goal in SCS and my brain is running wild, even more so in the area I thought I had handled. My focus last year was to like my job and to see myself as the senior leader I am at work, and I made huge strides in my beliefs about myself and my productivity at work. Now I’m working on finding a partner and dating and my quarterly fails, and the discomfort is spilling back over into my work. Which then makes me drink wine and listen to Ed Sheeran and drink more wine. I’m not even much of a drinker – at least I wasn’t! I’d like to start managing my mind before I head to the overdrinking materials…. I know (intellectually) I should allow the discomfort, but should I focus my intentional models on the new goal or both goals? Thanks!