New sentence I want to believe: Money is easy

Hi Brooke!

As I’ve been doing the work for my big business and money goals, a main underlying thought I have uncovered that has been affecting my results is: “Money is hard…and when it’s easy it’s because of luck or some unethical action.”

I recognize that many things influenced this belief, including how I experienced life as a kid. My parents immigrated from Mexico and had very little money. They worked long hours – my dad as a field worker and my mom in a factory. I watched them struggle to make ends meet. We lived in a bedroom at my grandparents’s house and then in a trailer park. We never took a vacation. To this day, they still stress about money.

So for March, the new sentence I want to believe is: “Money is easy.”
I hesitated choosing that at first because I definitely don’t believe it right now, but that’s the whole point right? I am willing to open my mind to the possibility of it. I am willing to be wrong about money being hard.

So far, the new thought has felt: untrue, doubtful, hopeful, possible
My brain is coming up with: “I want to see if this is true.” “I need to see it before I believe it.” “If it was attained easily it was through some unethical action or the person inherited/was given the money.”
and of course it is also coming up with several examples of how money is not easy (many involving my family and friends).

I asked myself: What were some personal situations in which money was easy?
I came up with: When I got a full college scholarship (but then my brain simultaneously associated it with hard work). When I found coins and dollar bills on the street (brain associated it with luck). When I won a $100 gift card to Ikea (also associated it with luck). At that point my brain freezed and couldn’t come up with anything else. I’m leaving the question open though to see if I randomly can think of other examples.

What has been a bit easier is thinking about abundance (maybe because I see that word as having fewer negative associations?). I started brainstorming ways in which I experience abundance and things that are abundant such as sunshine, grass, sand, books, space, stars, technology, information, water, trees, etc….

Any suggestions on how to make more progress with this? I did come up with a few potential bridge thoughts:
Money itself is neutral
I am in the process of proving to myself that money is easy.
I want to believe that money is easy.
It is possible that money could be easy.
Abundance is easy

Do you think I could somehow reason with my brain? I was thinking:
giving/creating/working without stress is easy
and giving/creating/working without stress can lead to money
therefore money can be easy