Newly Diamond

I became Diamond in March. Thank you for what you’re offering here, I think it’s perfect. As I’ve heard and read other scholars talk about how they’re a completely different person now, I’ve noticed thoughts like ‘that’s just not me to claim something like that’ and ‘I don’t get as excited as other people.’ I tend to gloss over my positive results, and when I try to think about how I have changed, my brain starts churning out thoughts to disprove that. I joined SCS to feel better. I had so much self-doubt and insecurity that kept me from showing up in my day-to-day life. Learning that 50% is ass and learning the difference between me indulging in self-doubt vs. allowing it to pursue my goals has been my work. It doesn’t feel like a big exciting change, it feels like sweaty, one-step-forward-two-steps-backward work. I guess I need to look at what my result is when I consider it sweaty work rather than exciting changes! And maybe they’re not mutually exclusive 🙂 I haven’t chosen a new belief for March’s homework yet, but I think committing to noticing what is right (about me) could be a good start for my Diamond year.