I’m taking coach training in May. Target market is female Lawyers 40s and 50s in sole/small practice who want to lose more than 20 pounds and feel like they don’t have time to be healthier. My solution is weight loss with streamlined eating, and thinking deliberately. My domain is My epic fails include creating program, freebie, website with option, blog, podcast, Facebook page so I’m ready to rock and roll by the time of training. I’ve been mediating 20 years and have countless attorneys I can put on my list. I also have tons of past divorce clients on whom I could practice (and possibly later add a program for the newly divorced to lose weight) I was thinking of “Skinny Lawyer: Weight Loss for Attorneys” but now am leaning toward two lines with “Skinny Lawyer “ on top in thin script and underneath “Weight | Life | Work” I’ve always been interested in Health, balance, spiritual mental health and think many of the lawyers I know I could interest on this softer sell toward wellness and develop quite a following. I think it’s a slightly different brand that appeals more to me. What do you think?