Not Blaming & Self-Reliance and Isolation

Dear Brooke, In the blame podcast guide, one of the questions asks “How might you have behaved differently if you had never blamed these people? How has blaming them disempowered you?” I answered that blaming has often led me to feel let down, disappointed or even angry. If I had not relied on others I’d have relied on myself and my results would have been better.

Meanwhile in tutoring I’ve been working on my feeling of being isolated and how to believe I have support, others have my back and move towards being more open and trusting, more willing to ask for help, delegate etc

Could I ask your advice on how to be self-reliant for my own emotions and actions without moving towards feeling I need to be entirely self-sufficient and cannot rely on others? This is my tendency both at work and in family life.

I hope that makes some sense, if not I’ll try to articulate better! Thanks so much.