Not taking the first step

I’ve uncovered a limiting belief that is definitely holding me back. I own a successful small business (local photo studio) and teach in person classes. I want to put the classes online (I’ve written about this before) and I know exactly what needs to be done in order for that class to be online by January 1.

I continue to choose to NOT start this process because I can’t identify what I want this class to lead to.

C- online class
T – how do i know this is the best first step towards my [unknown] bigger goal??
F – stagnant, stuck
A – inaction
R – no online class

C – class
T – I’ll do this class now and figure out the rest as I go
F – determined, goal oriented
A – create online class
R – 100k in class sales, experience building something,

I need help with my second model! My result doesn’t prove my thought and I’m not even confident that the new thought will serve me. Help me untangle this please!