Objections to self-love (Nadège)

Hi Brooke!
Thank you so much for your previous answer.
I’m planning to jot down any objections to… me on my phone at any time they pop up in my head.
Then I’m going to question them and assess their upsides and downsides so that I can accept my reality for what it is instead of arguing with it. I now know it gets me nowhere.
For example, yesterday I went to bed quite late, at one a.m. The objection comes of course in the form of self-blame: “I shouldn’t have gone to bed so late! I should know better by now!”.
Why am I thinking I shouldn’t have gone to bed at 1 am?
– because now I’m tired
– because I’m feeling self-blame
Why do I know I should have gone to bed at that time?
– because I did
– because I needed to do a lengthy thought download to be able to fall asleep straight away
– because it was the best solution available to me at that time
– because I can still be very energetic even if I’m a little bit tired (I had an excellent training for that when my kids were babies! Thanks, kiddos!)
There! I’m fully accepting option B, the one I chose last night. It makes me feel so much better!
Any other advice? Thank you so much!