Observing without judging (Nadège)

Hi Brooke!
During our tutoring session, Lauren advised me to observe my behaviour without judging. So I put that in the R line.
C – my eating behaviour
T – I want to know what it’s like to observe myself without judging.
F – curious
A – I notice the precise facts (1/4 cup of nuts, 3 slices of bread…), I always come back to the facts when I want to add adjectives or adverbs (“too much”, “again” as in “I ate too much again”…), I drop the “I shouldn’t have…” or “I should…”, I focus on the “I did that and that’s all”…
R – I observe myself without judging.
Do I get this right? Are there other actions that I’m missing?
For instance, I was about to write “I did that and that’s ok” and then I replaced the “ok” with “all” because it doesn’t feel “ok” at all to overeat when I know better. Or maybe I don’t know any better and that was always supposed to be like this? 😉 So it’s ok?!
I know I’m overeating because I’m feeling scared about the Coach Training starting tomorrow (amazing!) and I’m willing to feel that fear too. I just need practice.
Thank you in advance for your answer!
Have a great day!