Obstacles to Strategies

Brooke, I have listened to your podcast about obstacle thoughts and thought it was so deliciously good!
I wonder if you can help me understand how to turn obstacle thoughts I have into strategies.

When you describe an obstacle thought like ‘I don’t know how to build a website’ and change it to strategy of ‘I am going to figure out/or learn how to build a website’ it makes sense. But for my goals, I don’t understand how will they turn to strategies.

Couple of goals that I am working on are:

1. Eat on protocol and lose 25 pounds.
2. Exercise every morning.
3. Write my first novel.

So for my goals, thoughts that come up for me are:

This is too hard
This is uncomfortable
I’m not capable of doing this
I love flour and sugar too much
My old habits are too ingrained.

How do I turn these specific thoughts to strategies?