Obvious – Cleaned up

I wanted to represent my models more cleanly.

1: When I get stuck in muddy models is that “allowing drama” (a type of confusion?) within myself?

2: Are these models on the right track?

C Busy host and hostess with food prep and guest goal
T “I need to draw on my strengths and contribute to our family goals. I need to not be swallowed by someone else’s emotions”
F Aware, Value my needs
A Explain to husband that I’m at my limit and cannot process his needs with love and compassion…
R authentic, open, and connected. Fail and succeed together

C Parenting a 10 year olds grooming
T. “This is not overwhelming, this is not confusing. This is simple.”
F confident, allowing, compassionate
A. Encourage self advocacy and allow consequences. Constrain to grooming protocol.
R daughter has successes and failures

Sometimes when I “value my needs” I put up walls and disconnect instead of connect. There is a concept of either or… and validation and invalidation. A tug of war and duality that I will do several thought downloads upon. There must be a belief here to uncover. I’ll take some time with this.
This is the core of my work.

3. Why are concepts competing with one another? Is this another type of overwhelm/drama?