Oct Homework

I’ve been doing an immense amount of organizing the past 2 months as I get ready for my second child. October’s HW came at a perfect time and I’ve been doing the work. Cleaning my closet, my kitchen cabinets, cleaning an extra utility/catch all closet, my son’s closet, bookshelves etc.

I’ve given away about 50% of the stuff. Sold a few items. It wasn’t a problem. I actually enjoy this part – the giving away/throwing away part.

I have more space in each closet than I did before. Each closet does look better than it did before. But, it’s so interesting and weird that I don’t really feel great about any of it! I can intellectually see – yes, this is cleaner and has more space than before. Things are accessible now that weren’t before, but each time I look at the work I’ve done I just feel overwhelm and have the thought: “it’s not enough.”

Feelings of overwhelm and impatience set in. Like in my mind I wish everything was more beautiful, more organized, more matched. But the reality is … I need to keep the stuff I have. I’ve chosen to keep it because it is something I still use (or my child still / will use).

It’s so weird because I’ve spent so much time and made so much progress to get to where each of our closets are today, and yet it doesn’t make me feel good! As I’m writing this I see just how neutral a “C” can be. A disorganized closet is neutral and so is an organized one!

I don’t want to be a negative person, I want to enjoy the WORK I’ve put into this and be happy with my progress but I think I’m stuck waiting for perfection.