October 2018 – $$ worth – AMD*

Here’s a little gem that blindsided me into tears of gratitude today.

As part of organizing, I’m going through my SCS workbooks. I write on the front page of each book when I get my $$ worth. I also post here. So I pulled all my books out to transcribe these insights to a word document. I’m going to release the books once that’s done. I also culled all my questions from Ask Brooke and put them into a document, since I tend to post insights.

OK… last year I asked about changing my weight loss goal. I was 164 lbs at the time and I didn’t have enough time to hit 132 by the date I’d set.

Your answer was:
OK listen, what is important is who you become on the way to your goal.
Keep aiming for 132lbs, and double down to achieve it.

Since then, a year’s gone by. I got to 155 lbs and now I’m back to 164. Still far less than the 200 I started at. But here’s the thing, I’ve changed so much in that year, published 2 books, attended coach training, changed the way I work with my team … stopped frightening them and myself… so much is different…. I’m not angry at my Dad at all.. and I now can just love him… so much has changed.

I went out to the kitchen after reviewing all of that, my dog at my side. I ran my hand over her smooth, black fur. I thought – “What’s important is who I become on the way to my goal.” I hugged my dog. I thought of all that has changed. My brain offered: “I’m grateful I have this big, round, beautiful issue – my weight loss – to work with – I’m so lucky to have an issue to work on.”

I stopped and cried my eyes out … I was so full of gratitude.