October HW – inaction

This is my 3rd time doing October’s work and it’s typically one of my favorite months in scholars, but .. here’s what I’ve noticed as it pertains to cleaning my own closet:

– I’ve let many boxes of clothes go in years past so what’s in my closet is generally in style and not over cluttered
– That said, there is easily about 30% of the clothes in my closet that get a “no” to the 3 questions, and yet I’m holding on to them
– The primary reason is this: my brain is stuck on the idea that when it comes to a higher quality, good condition, stylish item that I no longer want (doesn’t fit, not MY style anymore, etc.), I can’t seem to “give it away” because of the perceived VALUE it has. Like, it is worth more than goodwill or ending in the landfill. But I also feel maxed out on time and don’t want to bother trying to sell them on ebay, etc.
– I often fixate on finding the perfect place to give away my belongings – like the right shelter, nonprofit, donor, etc. to give my stuff to. Which leads to inaction, so then I have the same stuff neatly in my closet that I technically don’t WANT, or, sitting in a donate bag but not donating it to a place.

Can you help with this? I believe my UM is here:

C: Clothes in excellent condition in my closet that I no longer wear
T: These are valuable, but I don’t have the desire/time to sell them, but don’t want them to end up in the trash either
A: inaction; procrastinate, leave them hanging up or put them in a bag to give away but leave the bag in my closet