OMG… My Thoughts a C?

OMG, I think I had another ah-ha – so I wanted to bring it here for clarity. I think I heard in your last live coaching call that your thoughts can be a C. (What the what?!?)

It was about changing your thoughts (judgment) about the thoughts you’re having. So the idea is that the thoughts you’re having (My husband is annoying, my husband is stupid, my husband shouldn’t be that way) are bubbling up – and then you’re judging yourself (T) for having those thoughts. So the thoughts bubble up – and there’s a thought that “I shouldn’t judge him” or “I shouldn’t be thinking this way”.

Am I getting this right? I hope so – because I love this idea. Because it takes it to a new level. I think I’m already doing that a bit when an uncomfortable feeling pops up. I don’t make it mean “something’s wrong”. My thought ABOUT the feeling is “Of course I’m feeling this. It just bubbled up from a thought” – so it’s a better thought about a feeling.

Egad. I’m in the matrix.

So … can thoughts AND feelings be in the C line – IF we’re having THOUGHTS about our thoughts and feelings?

It kind of reminds me of getting upset about being upset. There’s an additional layer. So the first step is not being upset about the original upset. Which would mean thinking differently about the original upset. Instead of “I’m not supposed to be upset! I’m a Diamond!!!” the intential thought could be “Of course I’m upset. I’m having a thought that’s upsetting me. Nothing has gone wrong” – which then allows me to look at the original upset – without stacking onto it.

Am I on the right path or way down in the woods talking to myself? 🙂