On Being Full

I am a long-time scholar and am taking next year here in order to lose 35 pounds permanently.
My diet so far consisted of unlimited flour and sugar, overeating almost every single hour of the day (donuts, bagels, cakes, pizzas, you name it).

After I was convinced that flour and sugar cause me lots of trouble, I created myself a protocol of no flour and no sugar.
My menu these days consists of a fresh salad (10 oz.) with grilled salmon (6 oz.) and avocado every single lunch and sauteed veggies (10 oz.) with grilled chicken (5 oz.) and nuts every single dinner.

I went cold turkey on my protocol for both eliminating flour and sugar as well as doing IF straight away.
I thought, if I will have withdrawal symptoms and pain anyway, lets it all come right now. I can handle it.

Surprisingly I feel truly physical hunger only towards an hour before my first meal at noon but after I eat my lunch I don’t feel the fullness I used to feel on the flour and sugar based foods.

When I walk out of my squeaky clean plate I notice my brain says: ‘If there was more, I’d eat it.’
I walk out of my meal feeling light, energetic, and there’s a certain empty vibration to my stomach.
I suppose I am used to feeling crazy full, heavy, and tired after a meal and this may take adjusting. My brain thinks ‘how could anyone survive on this much food?’

I wonder if you had this experience of not feeling so full and if that is a good thing to get used to?