On Being Investable

Meaning: that can be invested in / that is suitable for an investment.

As a screenwriter I was recently asked by a fellow writer, why am I wasting so much time and money in self-coaching. That I could produce more work if I would not do SCS.

My answer to her was that the act of writing Television scripts is only one factor of my potential to be hired and paid to work as a screenwriter.
That since it is a collaborative work, I work on myself not only so that I will live a better life, but that also I will become more investable to the industry I wish to serve.

Being investable means in other words that people would love to work with me, not only because of the material I write, my talent to produce new material, but also because of how pleasant I am to work with, what experience they get when we meet, and how professional I am.

That Screenwriter