On Networking

I am a new Diamond member and have been working for the past year on writing a screenplay. What I focused most was creating the best piece I could write and am starting to write my second screenplay.
I do not live in California and there is the known debate whether a screenwriter should live in LA or not, due to the proximity of everyday events and shoulder-brushing with directors and producers.

I thought perhaps I should try to find these professionals where I live on the East Coast and network with them, but when I do a model on it I see that the only reason I want to engage in networking is because my thought of ‘I better make connections so that I could get my screenplay sold through these people.’

Being a scholar for a year now, I recognized that this thought doesn’t make me feel good. While it may sound productive and the right thing to do, its core is a disbelief that I will be able to do it without networking, that without other people I will schmooze with my screenplay won’t stand a chance.

I find it hard to solve this conflict within myself. Should I keep the thought and network, should I toss it and not network, or do I have another option I cannot see?