Our Containment Fence

I recently read the book Untethered Soul By Michael Singer and had to share a metaphor he used that really resonated with me and I would love to share it with all the Diamonds:

He refers to the idea of dogs that are held inside an electronic fencing system and in order to keep them in the yard, each time the dog comes close to the edges of the fence, he gets an electrifying hit. It’s painful. And so the dog learns to remain way inside the area, and not come close to the edges.
Singer says that it’s a sad day when a dog stops trying to get out of that area.

Then he offers: what if we are dealing with a brave dog that is determined to be free from where he is currently kept?
Imagine that he didn’t give up. He will sit there, right where his collar starts vibrating, and he is not backing off.
Every minute he is stepping forward a little bit more in order to get used to the electric field.
And as he continues, he eventually gets himself out, because he learns to withstand the bits of discomfort of vibration as he makes another step out of the yard.

He learns that the collar cannot hurt him; it’s just uncomfortable. And because he is willing to go beyond his comfort zone, he eventually is willing to come and go at will.

Our mental yards are just like that.
When we approach the edges we feel insecurity and fear. We pull back, and stop trying.
But our freedom starts when we decide to never stop trying. Never stop edging forward toward that vibrating field, so that we can go beyond it and free ourselves.

Just like the dog, as we inch forward, we see that this vibration cannot hurt us.
And slowly we are willing to stand at the edge and make a step forward.
We relax and go past the point we were at yesterday. And when we make it out of that yard, we realize that we will always be okay.

We end up loving our edges because they point the way to freedom.
All we have to do is constantly relax and lean into them.

Then one day, we are outside, in infinite field.

That Screenwriter