Overcoming Embarrassment

I was in a meeting this week and made a comment, which my boss took the wrong way. I had said that the issue we were discussing and people’s actions surrounding it were not rational and he responded with: “Don’t tell me I don’t understand how this issue is not rationale…I understand that perfectly, etc etc”. I did not mean that he didn’t understand but was simply describing the facts of the situation. I was very embarrassed in front of many people. Now I’m replaying that embarrassment over and over in my head…
C- Boss got annoyed with me in meeting
T – Wow …why is he so annoyed about such a minor statement
F – Extremely embarrassed in front of my peers
A – Stop contributing, withdraw in meeting
R – Left meeting early, went home and ate too much….

Can you please help me process this in a different way. He does this sort of thing frequently to many people (overreacts etc). Which means that I am going to have to live with this. My main issue is that I have had difficulty overcoming embarrassing situations for many years. Public humiliation for me is very problematic…the thing I fear most. I’d appreciate your thoughts regarding how to deal with this larger issue given it’s part of life and presents itself frequently.