Overspending models

How do these look? Any feedback or suggestions? Realizing how “I don’t know” is not serving me and how it plays out.

C: items in my grocery basket
T: I don’t know how much this all costs
F: confused
A: don’t add up the items, buy $18 worth of groceries
R: I overspend by $10 and I don’t stay on budget

It’s weird, I knew I was avoiding doing the math as I was shopping. I think I thought it would take too much effort or be too hard. I think I thought “I don’t feel like adding these up” (lazy) and “I’m probably close enough” (apathetic?) and “all of these items are all pretty cheap” (justified)

IM (thinking about this for how i can approach in the future)
C: items in my grocery basket
T: all I have to do is add these things up.
F: ease
A: get out my phone calculator and add up the items in my basket as I go. make other choices if it totals more than I had planned. spend only what I had planned for ahead of time.
R: I don’t overspend and I stick to my budget

T2: I can do that.
F2: competent

what might be an even better model is to decide before I get to the store which exact items I’ll buy. then I’ll know my PFC was in charge.


UM turned IM:
C: cookies on the store shelf
T: I really want those
F: desire
A: listen to my brain to yell at me how much it wants cookies. don’t buy the cookies.
R: I don’t buy the cookies which would have been off-budget and not something I would have wanted to eat with my PFC either. I stay on my budget.