Peanuts (Nadège)

Hi Brooke,
Thanks for your answer and prompt.
Actually, I’ve always liked peanuts because my family and I used to eat some before dinner twice a week for the “apéritif” and to me, peanuts equal party time, joy, freedom because I could have as much as I wanted, without a plate, sitting together and I enjoyed their crunchiness but also chilling-out with my family. It was “party time” because the next days, Wednesdays and Saturday (and Sunday) I wouldn’t go to school.
I realise that’s what I do again today. Eating peanuts means that I’m allowed to relax.
Now I’m aware of that, I don’t want to change those thoughts yet. I want to work with that knowledge. For instance, I’ve been carrying around a small container with a few peanuts in my backpack all day so as to drool and experience the urge without acting on it. It didn’t work because I need lots of peanuts to feel the urge. Good to know!
And I also know that I can create relaxation and joy by thinking other thoughts, so I’m feeling better about that, as if there were some space in my mind.
Have a great evening!