People pleaser or just not letting things bother me

I have always been a passive person and a huge people pleaser. I had tons of resentment and always felt that I needed to defend myself and/or stand my ground. Since joining scholars and doing the work; I have zero resentment and very few things bother me. I do the work to make sure I don’t have manuals and set very few boundaries. Within the last month, my corporation cut 1/3 of the work force in my department and everyone is stressed and overwhelmed. I should say everyone, but me, thank you Scholars. I have noticed that people are now picking at me, seems in good fun, but the occurrences have increased. I’m able to laugh and everyone seems to be in a lighter mood when it happens. My concern is how do I know when it’s gone too far and when should I say something. I am wondering if my old people pleasing is coming up or if I have just matured that nothing bothers me. I’m able to honestly laugh and I don’t take the jabs personally or think I must change something or someone. If I notice a discomfort, I can do models and choose another emotion or just accept it. Like I said, far cry from the old me. Do you have additional questions I can ask myself to make sure I’m ok with it, especially because I’m questioning it?
Thank you as always.