Planning for urges?

Hi Brooke, I was listening to the advanced overeating classes and the class you did on artificial sweeteners was mindblowing…not the artificial sweeteners part, however. You said that because of all the rewards we have available to us instantly we literally have no reason/motivation to leave the cave. I was literally listening to that podcast in my basement during commercial breaks while watching Hulu…my cave. I had to laugh. I decided then that as a diamond member that I should probably re-mediate if I don’t actually achieve my impossible goal for 2018. HAHA.

You said something else on that call regarding planning for urges…for example, plan to drink when with friends because I know I’ll have urges. My impossible goal for 2018 is to quit drinking (you’ve coached me on this) and not surprisingly I have procrastinated working on this til September. I think I’ve been approaching the drink plan in this way…just making plans to cover my urges. I thought that was they way of it, but I think I might be mistaken. Which leads me to my question…

I have been making no drink plans so that I commit to not drinking in the evening. Yesterday morning I made the decision while doing my Sept work to practice not drinking on the weekend, tomorrow being today, Friday. I wrote no drinking on my drink plan and felt stress, anxiety, etc…no surprise. But then last night while not drinking I felt some serious urges. So intense I was worried I would drink so I told myself, you can have that tomorrow and I wrote it on my calendar for tomorrow that I could have that drink. And then upped the amount to allow for the urges I will inevitably have. In that situation, is it ok to plan for the urges tomorrow in the midst of an urge today? Or should I just stick to my plan not to drink?

You will probably answer this after I get to tonight and decide whether or not to drink, but I’m guessing I’ll experience this again. Thanks Brooke. Happy Friday.