Podcast and biz guidance

Hi Brooke,

I have been deciding whether to stay on as a Diamond so I am coming on and asking for what I need here. Most of my current struggles and self coaching issues involve the growth of my business. I have heard you say that business questions are restricted to certain calls. VIP? Entrepreneur? What about the Diamond calls? I love the thought of getting more personalized mentorship from you this year. Year 1 was really about me learning to coach myself. Now, I really need mentoring with some of my business decisions. As TR says or some version that I don’t know by heart, “Find someone that is doing what you wanna do and do that.” I want to learn from you as an entrepreneur who loves coaching and teaching and really strives to over deliver and focus on people stepping into action and getting big results. This is what I do for my parenting clients. I am ready to go bigger. “The people” are pushing me to go bigger.

I have accomplished a whole lot in the last year in my business. I love the format of SCS and have just started my Mastermind membership program. I have 20 inaugural members. They are all graduates of my 6-week parenting course. I am already having a blast with them.

I really would love some guidance about starting a podcast. I think it will weave into my business beautifully. I have a lot to teach and it will streamline my free stuff in a way that is way more professional than my current method. I have a TON of free content. Blogs, audios, FB lives. My word of 2018 is QUALITY. I want a higher quality form of delivering free content.

I have done a lot of 2K programs, read books, listened to podcasts and that’s how I’ve learned a lot in my biz. I’m busier now. I want to get this podcast up and running. Do I sign up for the JLD Entrepreneur on Fire podcast course? Do I hire a podcast coach to fast track it and help me get it done right? I would love your thoughts and some guidance.