Podcast mentorship

Thx so much for your response about me starting a podcast. I am definitely going to hire someone. I emailed Pavel and have reached out to one other podcast support coach that sounds pretty turn key.

I listen to podcasts myself and love this method for learning. So here are a few questions I have:

1. Do you write everything out word for word that you teach on each episode and for the most part you are reading it? Or do you have an outline that you use to stay on track while also allowing for your natural conversational tone. I feel like I can tell when some people are reading and it feels less engaging when it seems like they are reading. I would love to know your process b/c you sound natural while keeping the umms and ya knows at bay…my issue.

2. Do you have 2-3 tips that have come from your experience – like things you didn’t know at the beginning that have impacted the success of the podcast. “I wish I knew then what I know now…”

Thank you!
P.S. I watched the Diamond call replay with your mastercoach and did the more in depth exercises. Really really helpful:)