Positioning Myself

Hi Brooke,

I am also one of your scholars who aspire to be a screenwriter (like your That Screenwriter) and after I watched yesterday your Entrepreneur Free Training, I have a question:

You talk around minute-20 about defining who am I and positioning myself. Who am I to the niche I picked.
And the examples you gave make sense for life coaches but I wanted your help for my profession.

As far as I know, what I have control over in terms of screenwriting is of course, the genre I choose, and whether I choose to write film screenplays or TV teleplays.
From that point, I have no control of whether I am the expensive screenwriter or any of that stuff. It depends on who will buy my script and what is the Writer’s Guild rate for that.

Do you have additional ideas for how I can position myself as a screenwriter early on?