Post Interview with reporter

Hey Brooke,

I just got off the phone with a reporter asking me to speak about a topic he is writing an article on. I tried to prepare myself before hand, reading up on the topic at hand.

Now my mind is spinning all the things I said wrong and how I disappointed him, and he’s going to look for someone more qualified. I believe he was frustrated because he had to ask me a question a couple times, then finally said can you say “xyz” in your own words. I didn’t understand his question but instead of asking him to repeat it or say it differently I tried to answer it, which than caused me to ramble and for him to get frustrated (or I think:)

Unintentional Model
C: Interview with reporter
T: That went terribly, it’s proof I’m not an expert
F: humiliated
A: Spin thoughts, look for evidence I’m not an expert
R: Find reasons I’m not qualified, feel bad

Unintentional model
C: Reporter question
T: I need to look like an expert, an expert would understand the question
F: anxious
A: Ramble
R: don’t sound like an expert, no answer to the Q

Intentional model
C: Interview with reporter
T: I can learn from this experience
F: curious
A: look into how to talk with the media
R: learn

C: Reports questions
T: I answered it the best I can with the information I had at that moment
F: secure
A: move on to my other tasks for the day
R: have my own back.

I’m curious how do I decide if I want to think “I nailed that, if he doesn’t like it that’s about him” vs “I can learn from this experience to be better next time?”