I noticed that I try to control people. meaning that i try to control what they are going to give to me as a xmas or birthday present. I try to drop hints and tell them how much I love certain things. Only so they would buy me what I want.
The  reason I want those things are 1. that i want to have cool gifts and i don’t have to buy it for myself 2. that its just cool to get cool presents.

I don’t like the way i think about it.
and it almost never works.
Sometimes I exaggerate with the gifts for them so I will also get a good gift from them.

I’m looking for inspirational thoughts from people/coaches who only make gifts to make gifts.

my suggestions would be:
I love giving them what they love and wish for
its so nice to get what you want.

The thing is that i expect them to do the same for me.and i don’t want to expect those things.