Hello Brooke,

I feel amazing. I am loving myself better and more deeply than ever before. I am on month 8 of following my eating protocol, and while I’ve had eating mistakes, I keep putting myself back on track. I’ve lost 35 pounds, and with the March Scholars work I’m continually believing the statement that I am a person who does not overeat. I’m in awe of myself right now. I feel like I’m building trust in myself to take care of myself. I’m so grateful for all the work in Scholars and Self Coaching Masterclass to get me to this point.

Where I struggle right now is continuing to generate this amazing growth in myself while working on two key relationships in my life – my husband and an old friend.

My thoughts are that they judge me and they don’t love me for who I am. In the past, I’ve been desperate for their approval, and I’m working on taking 100% responsibility for the way I’ve shown up in those relationships because of that thought – as a people pleaser.

My current thought is that their continued relationship with me is contingent upon me maintaining my current awesome mental health and/or continuing to change.

When I try to do the work, I let myself fall back into my old way of thinking (i.e. I do need to change, I do want their approval), and I don’t want that to affect the amazing work I am doing for myself right now.

C: I have a husband and an old friend
T: They judge me and want me to change
F: Angry
A: Withdraw
R: Relationship is strained

C: I have a husband and a friend
T: I am experiencing extraordinary growth right now, and my relationships will be affected
F: Acceptance
A: Love me, love them
R: Relationships will be redefined over time