Protocol for losing sugar, not weight?

Hi Brooke, What protocol variations (if any) do you suggest for a person who doesn’t need to lose weight? I’m guessing you have had clients who want to lose sugar or nachos, not pounds.

I am 5/3 114 lbs and believe I am not insulin (typo’d insolence ;)) resistant, but when I do the math, 20-25% of my average calories comes from sugar (+-80g). I believe this is not healthy and I am ready to experience the discomfort and freedom of changing this decades long habit.

I have eaten clean (like your protocol only with skim milk, nonfat Greek yogurt, Ezekial) for years during the day. After supper I have a major dessert/sugar habit.

I think you have answered these questions before but I don’t have your responses at hand:

1)With SO I’ve heard you recommend people not to extremely change their drinking pattern immediately, but to plan. Is this true with sugar addiction? My plan currently is to just say “no” to any added sugar altogether.

2)How does this tie into joy eats? I get that part of peace around alcohol or sugar is not avoidance or white-knuckling. I have come to believe that I am going to have it easier longterm just not eating any added sugar. (I’ve been a label reader for ages. Like to pick my poison.)

Thank you,