Protocol Question

First diamond post! Woot woot

So my weight has not been changing a lot for the last month, but my body has been changing. The scale has pretty much moving the same 5# around up/down/up/down for the last 4 weeks. But this morning I looked a couple pictures from a month ago and I look smaller. My face in particular looks really different. And in the last week or so people keep coming up to me to say, you have lost more weight right? Also, this is the lowest weight I have been at since I was 20 years old (I am 48 now) and I was at this weight for several years when I was younger.

This is my current protocol:

10oz Veggies
4oz Protein
2-4 TBSP Fat
6oz Fruit

10oz Veggies
4oz Protein
2-4 TBSP Fat
Tea Plain
1 Serving Dark Chocolate

*Eating window 12PM-6PM
*Tea in AM w/ cream and MCT oil
*24 hour fast 2 days/week (dinner to dinner), combine Lunch/Dinner protocol when I eat
*Add in potato with dinner Saturday/Sunday
*Exception item 1 day/week, identified 24 hours in advance, eaten within 1 hour, only until satisfied (generally on Saturday or Sunday unless special event occurs and is identified ahead of time)

Wondering if I should change things up a little or hang out for a bit and see if I drop. I do feel amazing on the fasting day, almost better than on the days I eat 2 meals. I had a lot of ideas about what to do, shorten my eating window to 4 hours, do the 24/hour fast for a week on/week off, drop the tea/cream, but when I noticed how different I looked I questioned if I should change anything.

FYI I started at 310#, I am now 225# (228-223# depending on the day) and I have 70# to go.