Pursuit of Happiness

Thank you so much for scs. I am a different person after 12 months. Last year I found myself floating between being fully engaged and not. My work this year is to commit 100% to this process and to my goal of losing 66 pounds. I loved December’s work and the focus it sets for this year.

Rachel’s class on commitment was eye opening. Learning that my “Plan B” of staying the same weight, and the emotions (fear, vulnerability, attention) that it is helping me avoid makes perfect sense to my lack of commitment.

In particular, attention has always been something I have avoided. I received unwanted attention as a young women and have been hiding ever since. I think it has had me stuck for decades and I didn’t fully understand. I am striving to be an emotional adult at the age of 57. My MO has been: I lose weight and people notice, I put my shield back on.

I can’t believe that changing my thoughts is all that it takes to changing this pattern. Is there more work I need to do?
C – Goal Weight
T – Someone may find me attractive
F – Anxiety
A – Gain weight
R – Nobody will find me attractive.

C – Goal Weight
T – Someone may find me attractive and that’s ok
F – Confidence
A – Pursue my dreams
R – I am healthy, fit and living my best life.
Thanks again,