Queer Wedding

Hi Brooke and team,

I was reading through the list of answered questions. The post about about potentially having a gay son really struck a cord in me. I know its not typical to resond to other posts but I wanted to share a model I’ve been practicing.

My finace and I are getting next year. My finaces mother is always generous with us when we’re at her house. However at first she wasnt planning to come to our wedding because she doesnt believe two women should get married. She has since changed her mind and will likely to attend. Her stance of seeming to love us and spend time with us but not wanting to come to the wedding is confusing.

C: Wedding
T: How can my finaces mother not want to come
F: Disappointed
A: Promote sharing details so she feels left out
R: Mother doesnt want to attend

C: Wedding
T: Her lack of compasion doesnt constrain our happiness
F: Accepting
A: Accept her descion and dont waste any more tome ruminating on it
R: Have a joyous event