Question about rejection

Hey Brooke,

I’ve been noticing that I have a strong dislike of rejection:) As my way to “protect” myself, I’ll try to distance myself first from the person. I do it in all relationships and I notice the thought is something like “well I won’t call anymore” “I won’t acknowledge them when I pass by.”
Here is a recent model

C: Meeting with Sean
T: He’s acting standoffish, avoiding me
F: rejected
A: I Act distant, aloof
R: he ignores me more

C: Meeting w/Sean
T: How he acts or what he says has to do with him, not me
F: Connected?? (I’m not sure I believe this how I would feel but is how I would like to feel)
A: Be me, remain open
R: Stay connected to me, genuine relationship (is this a correct result?)

I’m typing this I’m wondering what’s a better thought or process of believing that other people can’t reject me? I think a see rejection as an action rather than a feeling so maybe that’s what’s tripping me up when I try to believe I can’t be rejected. So is it just reminding myself that other peoples actions and words have nothing to do with me which will produce a better feeling, bypassing any feeling/thought of rejection?

Did I coach myself through it or do you have more to add:)