Question about today’s podcast

Hi Brooke-
Today on your podcast you talked about living from your aligned model. And that we need to think, feel, and act from our desired result and choose thoughts we’d have as if our circumstance already matched our result. You gave the example of you making $100 million dollars. You haven’t done that yet but have the thoughts, feelings, and actions of someone who has.

You’ve also said previously that we need to believe our own thoughts in order to feel and act from them and get the results we want. How do we get to a place where we believe the thoughts that would have if our circumstance and results were aligned?

For example, I’ve signed up for coach training and want to make $1 million dollars one day. I don’t make that much money yet… In fact I’d basically need to make what i make in one year in a month. So with your podcast are you saying I’d need to imagine my thoughts as if I’ve already made that $1 million? What if I don’t believe them? How do I get there?