Questions about Personality…

When I do a thought download about myself, I find a lot of “beliefs” (thoughts I’ve thought forever). For example, I’m shy… I don’t know how to talk to people… It takes me a while to warm up to new people… I prefer to do things alone or with just 1 other person… etc.

I’m wondering if “personality” is simply a series of thoughts we think/believe about ourselves and continue to tell ourselves. For example, I’ve thought forever “I am shy” and have found evidence of it AND created more evidence by living into this thought. It’s an ongoing thought/result cycle. The thought “I am shy” creates the results of me ACTING shy why reinforces my thought that “I am shy”.

IF you wanted to question or change that thought … “I am shy” … where would that go in the model? Could you put a thought IN the C line and then ask yourself what you’re making that mean… or is it better to put “Me” in the C line – and then “I am shy” in the T line to see how that feels.

I like how I am now. But now I’d like to play with how I’m being in the world and who I believe I am. Now that I see my thoughts as choices – it feels like who I am and how I show up in the world is also a choice. And I’d like to see the results different choices might bring. Thoughts?