Hi and first of all thank you for the beautiful necklace. I will see you all on Monday in Dallas. Cant wait!

I am hoping to get into the August coaching program. My interview is on Thursday January 25th. I am preparing for a strong August launch and commitment. So where do I go to obtain the steps to get started? Should I also consult with Jody.

I am a family lawyer in Boca Raton, Florida. Been practicing for over 23 years. My goal is to become a certified coach and my niche will be coaching people either contemplating, going through, or post divorce. My big picture goal is to transition from my successful, but stressful and draining litigation practice as a lawyer, to the more positive and uplifting world of coaching where I can combine my expertise as a lawyer with my skills (still to be perfected with your assistance) as a life coach. I’M READY TO GET STARTED.

So my question is……… where would I find the resources to get going?