Rebelling vs free (Nadège)

Hi Brooke,
Yesterday I was reading “How to live a better life” (by you!) and on page 68, when I read “I would make the diet like my parent”, it dawned on me that I was considering my protocol as my parent whom I rebel against most of the time. Except that I’m the parent creating the protocol! And I know what I’m doing.
C – protocol
T – I don’t like being told what to do.
E – resistant
A – I eat a little bit or much more than my protocol and see if I can “get away with it”
R – I don’t become the wise woman I could be
But I came up with a nice little thought, as if the Wise Me was whispering in Little Me’s ear: “Feel free to change everything… your protocol, your habits, your body, your life!” That feels so good! Exactly what Little Me wants to hear!
C – protocol
T – Feel free to change everything…
E – free and powerful
A – each time I feel a thought like “but I want it!” pop up, I remind myself that I can have everything I want, indeed, I follow my eating plan
R – I become the Wise Me I want to be
Have a great day!