Receptionist Anxiety

Hello Coaches!
So I woke up today in a good mood but it slowly turned into an anxiety ridden day. My anxiety feels like a deep pit in my stomach with butterflies flying around and also a huge knot in my throat. It feels really heavy and uncomfortable. I know it’s ok to feel anxiety and it’s not who I am. I am always working on my emotions and trying to stay out of emotional childhood but I am human and it happens occasionally so I try not to beat myself up over it. I sometimes allow myself to get triggered around certain people and things and sometimes it feels like it’s a reflex, like I can’t control the reaction. There are many times where I feel like our receptionist/salon coordinator doesn’t do her job very well and today was one of those days and I haven’t even gone into work yet!! Some background – We had a colour class this morning and I wasn’t sure if we had a model for our team or not. I said we didn’t to the instructor and then I noticed on our salon schedule that we had one of our co-workers slotted in to be a model at 1pm. The other models however started rolling in at 10:30 am. At around noon, I thought I would take it upon myself to message the receptionist to let her know to tell Mishel not to come for 1pm because we were done with the models. She messaged me back and said that had I messaged her earlier, she could have told Mishel to come in but ok. I thought, well that was passive aggressive, and got really angry and started shaking!! What?! I was so mad because I thought, how does she not know when the models are to arrive, it’s not my job to know! I asked the instructor if she let all the salons know that models were to be coming at 10:30 and she said yes! Of course I was even more mad. I think I was just pissed at her response to me. I need to get a handle on this receptionist stuff so I don’t let her take my power. Although I really like her, she is a bit of a ditz and it seems as though these things happen often and I know that when I look for evidence that she messes up, I will find it. Do I start looking for things I appreciate about her and evidence for things she does well?? I do not want to react this way. I have been taking it upon myself to always look at my schedule in advance so it’s correct as well as making sure the stuff I ask her to do gets done. I ask her to do something a few times before it gets done because she seems to forget to do things a lot. Help me navigate my emotions around her. I’ve been trying to run models but my anxiety is through the roof right now!