Refining my model

Hi Brooke,
This is my first month as a diamond scholar. One of my goals this year is to become an expert at working models.

Long story short…
I sold a book on ebay and although I followed the proper procedure, I was unable to meet the special request of the buyer. I tried but the post office would not let me. So the buyer was very disappointed and she sent me an email letting me know that. She accused me of things and threatened to give me a bad review. I had a bunch of negative feelings about it and wonder why I bother selling to strangers over the internet. Thoughts like… “I would never act this way towards someone”, “She is crazy”.
I guess this is a great opportunity to work on my models and scs.

My model
C: Ebay Buyer
T: She is threatening me
F: Victimized?
A: Retaliate
R: More bad feelings (frustration, embarrassment that this bothers me)

C: Ebay buyer
T: She cannot hurt me?
F; Safe
A: Respond with compassion but still holding boundaries
R: I show up as an emotional adult (and therefore not ruminate)

How does this look?
Thank you!