I’ve really loved your teachings on regret and it’s helped me let go of old regretful thoughts about my younger years. However, I’m struggling with regret about the recent past. I know it should work the same way but I’m spinning. I bought a new car last June when I only had 8 more months of payments left on my older car. I traded in for this new and the payments are slightly higher. Now, I love the car but every time I think I could be done with having a big payment every month in about 2 months I get pissed at myself. I’m trying to think “I love paying for this car because I want the car and love driving the car.” But instead I’m thinking about 10x more, “I made an impulsive decision out of materialism and now I’m having to pay the price every month. When will you learn your lesson!?”
So then I try to come up with ways to relieve this feeling like somehow selling the car which wouldn’t work since it’s already worth less than what I owe, OR buffer with something else OR resist and give myself a headache.