rejecting before being rejected

I’ve noticed a tendency to complete my professional and friendship relationships very easily, which results in few long term connections. I felt a feeling of distrust, which could be completely justified with some but not many, so I dug into that a bit. I distrust people because I feel they don’t want to have anything more to do with me beyond the confines of whatever activity we had together, which seemed very true to me. (C) worked closely with people then they or I moved (T) I reject you before you reject me (F)-fear (A)-complete the relationship (R)-reduce my network and friendships. This model is still pretty raw for me and I do feel I have some self image issues holding me back. Of course I could do the intentional model “I can be the type of person who appreciates that I’m amazing and people love me.” do you think I’m glossing over my confidence issues by going to the positive model?