Relationship help

Hi Brooke, I think I need coaching on this issue but can’t ever seem to get to the live calls. So, I will hope to portray all that is happening. My husband of 10 years has recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and unfortunately it is a fairly severe case. I’ve found our active lives suddenly changed. He’s very fit, very active, which he is doing his best to hang onto, and his health has always been a number one priority in his life, so this disease came out of left field for him. We are young, have young kids, etc. This has been a blow to our family life, particularly for him as he can’t do what he once did with his kids. He is so helpful, as long a he can, and so amazing. I love him to death and am trying so hard to do whatever I can for him to ease his pain. I’m patient in his road to feeling better, understanding that he has to go to bed early every night because he’s in pain. But here’s my question. I know that I’m responsible for meeting my own needs but this huge half of my life is falling short. We always loved getting out on a date, spending time together, but since the diagnosis, we really haven’t gone out at all. I know that eventually he may feel better and we can start to do the things we used to. Honestly, I’m not even sure what I’m looking for in writing in other than I can’t seem to make sense of my thoughts because I’m feeling sad about all this yet I want to take care of my own needs yet I miss him. I miss what our life was and I don’t know how to accept our new reality and still feel just as good about it as before, which is where I want to get. So when (like last night) he tells me he’s going to fast for a week to see if it can help eliminate his pain and we had arranged a babysitter to go out to dinner this weekend, I can feel supportive and understanding rather than feel hurt and disappointed…Thanks.