Relationship – Manipulating others….

When I do a thought download and get clear on how I want to show up…and then act on that clarity, it feels as though I am trying to manipulate the other person. Example, “higher up person” asked for my help to prepare materials to win a project. The request came over the weekend with a short turnaround time. My manual is, I don’t report to you and this isn’t my job.

In doing the thought work, I concluded, “Of course, I received the request, because I am the only person in our small company who possesses the experience, knowledge and tools to gather the information needed to win the business.”
How do I want to show up? I believe “the best person” would contribute to the greater good, see the big picture, be excited about the opportunity and be responsive (that is what I would want).

So that is how I responded, but I felt phony inside. I believe responding is the right thing to do but there is part of me that wants to shout: “I won’t see a dime, so no I can’t help.” (BTW – if I wanted to work with the person, I could raise my hand, but life is too short:)

I don’t think that I am people pleasing in this situation because it contributes to the greater good of our company. Revenue in allows the company to prosper.

I want to overdeliver value to the company and do believe that it will come back to me…but there is this part of me that is bitter and feels that I am “feeding the monster.”

Bottomline: I feel exploited and that my enthusiasm is disingenuous. I want to be an example of what a classy, high integrity person would do in this situation.