Relationship month winding up and…

Here we are almost done with the relationship month and I find myself asking what I was supposed to learn from the daily TD. I am looking for a pattern – or was it an exercise to “simply” 🙂 become aware of our thoughts?
This am here was mine:
Thoughts about myself:
I should not drink, I am weak, I don’t fit in, I don’t process emotion right, I’m an afterthought, I should not make anyone made, I should fit in at any cost, I have to know “how”, I should do everything right.

Thoughts about others:
People should include me, people should be thankful for what I do, people should understand me, people should care, Ben should act different.

I do see how these are all thoughts that create feelings (not lovely ones!!!!). But am I missing a key piece relation to relationships???
Thank you for all you all do! With Love