Relationship work, a year later

Hi Brooke!
So I’ve been reading the relationship book for this month and trying to figure out who I’m going to “work on” and I’m happy to report that I honestly don’t see a single person around me I feel the need to do this work with. What a difference a year of SCS makes! Last year I had worked on my mother, my husband and my mother in law, and frankly by now I think they’re absolutely amazing just as they are. I did also work on my relationship to my father then, and it’s the best gift I could have given myself considering he died last month being loved unconditionally by me.

No other person bugs or frustrates me in any way, so I plan to apply this work to my relationship to myself and see where that takes me. Then perhaps in later weeks to my past self and my future self? That could be interesting too.

That will take me right up to coach training at the end of the month! 🤩