Relentless & emotions (Nadège)

Dear Brooke,
Thank you so much for your previous answer. You’re absolutely right: option B is a lot of effort – so much chatter!
I’ve been listening to the Advanced Trainings of February and March and they blew my mind! Especially Bev taking us on an emotional trip – exactly what I needed. I’ve realised that feeling my emotions was really far less painful than what I was imagining. Thank you so much!
As to Corinne, she taught me the word “relentless” which has 6 (!) translations into French! I’ve chosen one that means “uncompromising” and I love it. It’s a fit! No more endless chatter, no more negociation… My new motto is “I do it and that’s all.” I love it. Thanks again!
Oh, by the way : I’ve contacted several companies for my English learning – coaching programme. I meant to contact at least 100 to get a chance to have at least one contract. But so far, I’ve only reached out to 3 and I’ve got 2 interviews scheduled! Amazing!
Have a great day!