"rest goal" 2019?

Hi Brooke,
my big goal for 2019 has been to lose 70 pounds. After struggling and not being able to lose anything at all in the previous years (despite all kind of resolutions) this seemed like quite a goal to me, even more so as I’m 52. SO: I didn’t reach it, but lost 40 pounds, and I will lose the rest in 2019. My question: Is THAT my impossible goal for 2019? I wouldn’t think so, as it feels not impossible. But what do I do then with this “rest of the goal”? I heard you say in that last podcast, that your 100million goal is not for one year, but for 10 years. So it stays your impossible goal for 10 years, isn’t it? My goal (to lose those 70 pounds all together) is still a huge one for me and it certainly will need some more (and even different) work/attention etc. Focussing on, let’s say, a business goal, in 2019 – would that be something you recommend or is it more like sticking to the original one until I’ll get there?