I have times of clarity about the retreat I am offering (which is 3 nights at a top resort/spa, all inclusive, and there is going to be epic, life changing, intense coaching (including a private and group call before and after) to set clients up for who they want to be in this next decade. And they are going to be supported in every way – nature, movement, beautiful design, food, spa treatment. When I am clear it’s when I am living from within an aligned model of my future self who does this next level coaching and in next level environments with next level experiences and “not fucking around clients” as a regular part of her year….

and then times of feeling very unfocused, scared, ashamed.

I know the unfocus F comes from the T that comes up whenever I think about what I want to charge: $5K/person.

The T is: I can’t charge that because my clients will think it is too much.

But when I feel clear, focused it is coming from the T: If Brooke offered this same retreat for $10K, I’d think it was a steal and I’d race to sign up before it sold out.

My other thoughts about why that would be include:
An experience like that and her coaching would for sure help me get into the powerful place I want to be to do and create everything I want to do/create in the next decade.

It sounds so delicious, amazing. Like an incredible thing to do for myself and my future.

So, some of the thoughts I am working on believing are:
This is a steal,
This is an irresistible offer
This is a mercedes for $100 – but waaaaaay better
This is the retreat of the decade, for the decade (that is in my marketing material already, too)
This is going to be the experience that changes everything
My clients feel the same way about me as I feel about Brooke….

And it’s in writing that last one that I realize where my hang-up is…
*I* believe it is the retreat of the decade and is a steal and that I would sign up in a heartbeat (in fact, I first just thought about going on this myself but then was way more excited thinking about also coaching and having the group dynamic)…
But what I am having a hard time believing (I am at a 6 out of 10) is that MY CLIENTS will feel this way….

Here is the aligned model I’ve been working with:
C: Retreat I am offering sells out
T: These are so good, so incredible, I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing these!
A: makes decisions with precision and quickly, moves through the things that need to be done, let’s her ideal audience know this is available, gets herself in a great space to do some life-changing coaching/leading/teaching
R: Retreat sells out

Interestingly, my future self thought is not about the money – like she assumes that part is just minimum baseline, she just takes it for granted and expects it to be profitable, and her focus is more on how supremely awesome the experience is and how it attracts the some truly incredible people and supports them in deep, meaningful, lasting ways – like they feel deeply nourished, restored, and also supercharged and powerful and clear about themselves and their work going forward.

I can be in that place and in the next moment find I am thinking about the circumstance of a big charge on my credit card and then the thoughts:
You are going to take a risk on this and put yourself behind the 8 ball.
You are not acting from future self and being courageous, you are self-sabotaging by setting this big goal too soon.
People are going to think that is a ridiculous amount (meaning too high) for a retreat.
You don’t have clients like you who are as excited about this work and you as you are excited about this work and coaches like Brooke.
You won’t sell enough spots.
If you try to sell this from this wishy-washy energy, you will set yourself up for bad results.
People will not buy.
You don’t know how to write the copy that will sell this.
Or, people might buy but then
People will flake and you will be left holding the bill.

So, as I work through those, I feel some improvement – but still shaky (and nauseous). I took a leap last year on investing in my business and then, a couple weeks later, 3 big clients backed out and I got sick and lost $ from a speaking event, and ended up $30K in the red on my credit card. I coached myself into “I’ve got this” but my husband was so enraged, it was like I’d cheated on him. It was painful and hard and I don’t want to go through that again. I paid off the credit card in a couple months and went on to make so, so much more money in the rest of the year than I ever have before. But right now, when I’m thinking about investing in my business again, whether it is in this retreat or in another way, I start thinking, “this is just like last year. You think you are moving your career forward but you are really somehow subconsciously self-sabotaging and setting yourself and your family up for major pain.”

Any light you can shed on this and coaching you can offer, I would so much appreciate! Thank you! xoxo